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Team Vakseen Produces on Taemin’s Billboard #3 Album “Move”

If you’ve been following our Kpop movements, you’re aware how blessed 2017 has been for Team Vakseen! Taemin’s newest album (“Move”) released earlier this month and we’re honored to have worked on a record. The album debuted at #1 across multiple charts and has be labelled his best album to date! Major congrats to our client Joe Millionaire on producing his 1st Taemin record “Thirsty“! Check out the album here.  

Team Vakseen Works on EXO’s Platinum Billboard #1 Album “The War”

2017 has been an incredible year for Team Vakseen and we couldn’t be more excited about our newest placements on the top act in K-Pop, EXO. The group’s newest album (released last month), “The War”, debuted at #1 across multiple charts and has sold over 1 MILLION albums to date. The album has gone on to break multiple records, including the highest selling K-Pop album EVER! Major congrats to our client Droyd on producing his 2nd EXO record “Chill“ and Vedo for […]

Team Vakseen Produces on EXO’s #1 Album “For Life - Winter Special Album, 2016”

2016 was such an incredible year for Team Vakseen and we finished things on an epic high note with a placement on EXO’s highly anticipated winter album “For Life”. The album debuted #1 across multiple charts and has sold 438k as of Jan. 22, 2017. Major congrats to our client Joe Millionaire on landing his 3rd EXO placement with the song “Twenty Four“! Check out the album here.

Team Vakseen Writes on SHINee’s #1 Album “1 of 1”

2016 has truly been an incredible one! In just a little over a year working in Kpop, Team Vakseen’s success continues to flourish as we’ve landed another placement on a major act. Supergroup SHINee, released their 5th album “1 of 1” last week and the album is already #1 across multiple charts and #2 on Billboard’s World Albums charts! Major congrats to our client Vedo on landing his very first placement […]

Tyler Rohn Executive Produces Futuristic’s Billboard Top 10 Album “As Seen On the Internet”

It’s always great to see hard work pay off and unless you’re old(er) or living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Futuristic. While his nerd rap series plays a major factor in his career launch, it’s the original music that has grown his following to the millions as an independent artist with no major backing. Team Vakseen produced over half of his first 2 releases (The Rise & Coast 2 Coast) and […]

Team Vakseen Produces on EXO’s Platinum #1 Album “EX'ACT”

Fresh off the heels of our very 1st #1 Kpop release a few months ago, I’m extremely excited about Team Vakseen’s newest success. Earlier this month SM Entertainment released their top group EXO’s newest album EX’ACT. The group broke their own record by selling over 600k albums via pre-order and debuting at #2 on Billboard. The new release debuted at #1 in Korea and was already Platinum 2 days after release! Major congratulations […]

Team Vakseen Produces on Red Velvet’s #1 Album “The Velvet”

2016 is truly off to an amazing start for Team Vakseen and I couldn’t be more excited about the company’s new partnership with SM Entertainment & Marz Music! Major congratulations to my clients Joe Millionaire & De-Capo Music for landing their first singles in K-Pop (Red Velvet’s One of These Nights), as well as their 1st #1 album!! As of this weekend, Red Velvet’s “The Velvet” is #1 in Korea, Thailand and Singapore! Much […]