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How Much Does A Producer Get Paid Per Stream?

This is an excellent read I came across regarding streaming and producer royalties. Take notes & ENJOY!   PMP Question: “Hey Bernie, with music streaming becoming more popular than paying to download a single or album I wanted to know how much does a producer get paid per stream and is there still a mechanical as well as publishing royalty involved with music streaming?” Bernie’s Response: Prior to answering the […]

How to Shop Your Songs

Pitching songs that are exceptional is a critical part of the equation for success—whether you write those songs or publish them. No matter how well you take care of business, it’s unlikely there will be any business to take care of—unless your songs are strong. But regardless of how good they are, before your songs can be recorded by artists, or included in television shows and movies, you need to […]

10 Big Things That Have Changed About the Music Industry Over the Last 15 Years

Here are ten big things that HAVE changed about the music industry over the last fifteen years: 1. Monetization is about experience, not sales A decade ago, monetizing music was still mostly about CD sales and publishing royalties. The formats have changed, of course, and we’ve seen the dominant trend shift from CD sales to MP3 downloads to streaming (via services like YouTube and Spotify) — but the central point is this: […]

Home Grown Radio Interviews Vakseen

LA-based Home Grown Radio contacted me earlier this year about stopping by the show for an interview and the week of, I ended up deathly ill. Ok, not deathly lol, but it’s rare I get sick and the flu definitely kicked my a$$. They insisted on having me in person, as opposed to me calling in, and after last week I certainly see why. Last Thursday our schedules finally permitted […]

What Every Musician Needs to Consider Before Looking for a Music Publishing Deal

Are you thinking about getting a publisher? Here are some things to consider in your search. Who, when and why First of all, do you need a publisher at this point in time — and if so, what do you need them for? If you’ve had some commercial success already, your priorities are likely to be different than those of someone just starting out. By analysing your situation you can work […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Building Your Music Career

First of all, I want to congratulate you for taking a big step forward in your career as a songwriter.  If you’re considering submitting one (or several) of your songs for a music business opportunity, then you’ve gone to the next level beyond just writing songs and hoping the world will come to you.  This being the case, there are a couple of classic mistakes you should be careful to […]

Premiumization 101 for Musicians

The Value of Music in the Digital Age Music is full of value, emotions and people LOVE listening to it everyday. It has become so much available that every person has a personal soundtrack now. Take a walk and you’ll see how many people listen to music while jogging, commuting or having a break from work. If you don’t see the signs, just check out some research conducted byHeartbeats International. […]

3 Ways it Pays for Songwriters to Follow Through

Songwriting is art.  Like all art, songs require a healthy dose of inspiration which is nearly impossible to predict or control.  In that way, the spark that results in the creation of a song is a gift, but the rest of the process is nothing more (or less) than good, old-fashioned work.  By following through in a variety of different ways, you stand a much better chance of achieving the […]

Top Tips To Get Your Music Placed In TV, Film & Video Games

Recently both Hypebot and Music Think Tank posted a number of interviews with music supervisors and related industry figures on getting your music placed in movies, tv, video games and commercials. Here are the top tips and insights from those posts organized into five categories. The names of the supervisors are featured with a link back to each post which will have additional information of interest. The key concepts are […]

Music Video Strategies For Promotion And Monetization

Caroline Bottomley from Radar Music Videos recently chaired a panel at the legendary music industry conference Midem. Top industry professionals discussed strategies for promoting and making money from your videos and here are some of the top tips they shared. The importance of YouTube Having your video on YouTube is essential for musicians: availability (YouTube is the primary search tool for music). shareability (it’s easy to share and embed from […]