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Supersonic Art Features #VakseenArt

I’m a fan of Supersonic Art so when they featured me along with 10 of my paintings you know I was turnt lol! Everything they post is dope so I’m honored. Much respect to Zach for sharing my ‪#‎Vakseenart‬! Check out the full feature here.

Artwxrk Features #VakseenArt

I love the fact that people are actively pursuing dope art. Especially when my work is thrown into the equation lol. I opened my inbox last week to an email from Artwxrk requesting to feature me and #VakseenArt on their art site. Everything went live this week and they featured 12 of my paintings, which is truly a blessing. Much love to the team over at Artwxrk for reaching out […]

Empty Mirror Magazine Features #VakseenArt

Much love to Empty Mirror Magazine for featuring my art this week! The Bellingham, Washington based mag featured 10 of my paintings (Ribbon In Her Eyes, Brilliant Dope, She Got The Jazz, Crock Tearz, Eyes Wide, Gaudy Me, Lecherous Tastes, Madam Renaissance, Open Virtue & Wake Up & Smell The Heartache) and you can check out the full feature here.

“Crock Tearz” #VakseenArt Merch Now Available

This has been an exciting past couple weeks with all of the new additions. I’m proud to announce that my store now has merch featuring my Crock Tearz painting. Here’s a direct link to my store, as well as a preview of some of the available items.

Daily Inspiration Features #VakseenArt

The funny thing about press is sometimes you receive it without the other party even letting you know. As I was randomly checking online yesterday, I stumbled onto Daily Inspiration and realized they featured my art earlier this month. The Netherlands-based blog featured 12 of my paintings (Felinity, Brilliant Dope, Ribbon In Her Eyes, Open Virtue, Gaudy Me, Madam Renaissance, Tainted Lusts, Crock Tearz, Lecherous Tastes, She’s Gotta Have It, […]

Bombay Sapphire Selects Vakseen for Artisan Series Regional Finals

Last week I opened an email congratulating me for being selected as an LA semifinalist (along with my Crock Tearz painting) in Bombay Sapphire’s Artisan Series. A few months back they featured me and my Eyes Wide painting, but this was completely unexpected. The major alcohol brand has partnered with Russell Simmons’ RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation and will be sending the finals winner to South Beach during December’s Art Basel. The winner […]

Swaggerless Features #VakseenArt

Much love to LA-based art blog, Swaggerless, for featuring my art on their site yesterday. The blog features 10 of my paintings (Ribbon In Her Eyes, She’s Gotta Have It, Brilliant Dope, Crock Tearz, Eyes Wide, Gaudy Me, Lecherous Tastes, Madam Renaissance, Open Virtue & Tainted Lusts) and you can check out the full feature here.

Forth Magazine Features Vakseen Art

Los Angeles-based Forth Magazine contacted me recently about being selected as the featured artist in their next issue. It’s always an honor for magazines to reach out and express how they love my work. The issue went live this week and they featured 5 of my newer paintings (She’s Gotta Have It, Eyes Wide, Ignorant Butterflies, Lecherous Tastes & Crock Tearz). You can check out the full feature here.