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Managing Your Digital Brand: Facebook and Twitter

Today, social media is a valuable tool for any songwriting career and you are likely already active on various platforms. However, there are some key strategies to put into place if you want to maximize your social presence and really see a difference in engagement. To that end, here are some tips from the experts on building a community around your music via two of the leading platforms – Facebook […]

Why You Have No Twitter Followers

I get a lot of questions from bands about how to get their numbers up on social media sites. After a 2 minute scan of their sites I completely understand why their numbers aren’t higher (and it’s not because they suck – many of these bands are actually great). It’s because they don’t understand the online communities they are attempting to be a part of. Too many bands improperly use […]

The 3 Most Profitable DIY Revenue Streams, And Why Many Artists Succeed at Only One of Them

Independent artists can make more money than ever before. The walls of major label distribution have crumbled, and have been down for a decade. Social networks make promotion to fans easier and cheaper. Add in home recording, crowd-sourced artwork, and other cost cutting maneuvers and DIY musicians can be financially successful. Or so goes the myth. Reality is far murkier. Yes, it is possible to make money as a DIY […]

7 Deadly Sins Musicians Are Committing on Facebook & Twitter

Are you committing any of these social media sins? 1. Promoting without providing value  This is without a doubt one of the biggest no-no’s that exists on EVERY Social Media platform today. It’s one thing to use your page to dutifully inform your followers that you have new music, videos, or shows coming up, but completely another to ram the self-promotion stick so far down their throats that they get rushed […]

5 Facebook Tips For Bands

1. When publicizing anything on Facebook, if your post just contains text – no links, no photos etc, you will immediately reach more people than one contaminated with attachments. 2. If you are going to tag something, tag another internal Facebook page. You may even show up on non-fan feeds saying you are “talking about” the person you tagged. 3. Changing your header or profile picture seems to go far more noticed than […]

The Reason Social Media Marketing Shouldn’t Be Used For Instant Sales

In business, return on investment – or ROI – traditionally translates to “How much money did we make on that promotion or venture?” This doesn’t translate so neatly to a social media marketing campaign, or your general social media efforts, because at its heart, social media is a conversation tool, not a sales tool. Because of this, many musicians, entrepreneurs, and even well-established brands find themselves struggling with the concept of spending […]

5 Ways to Get Media Attention Using Twitter

I’m writing this to show you how using social media in the right way will be way more rewarding than the crap I see most bands doing. First, follow mp3 blogs, local newspapers, and local media on Twitter. Put them on to a specific list so I can see all their tweets without being distracted by Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon tweets. I try to find very local media: the closer […]