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The Adirondack Review Features 4 Vakseen Paintings

Much love to literary magazine, The Adirondack Review, for featuring four of my paintings in their new Summer 2013 issue. The featured pieces include Audvantgardener, Dizzy, Solitaire and Morning Glory. Check out the screenshot below and view the full feature here.

Vine Leaves Literary Journal Features Vakseen Art

Much love to Australian/Canadian-based Vine Leaves Literary Journal for featuring 6 of my paintings in their newest issue. The pieces include Ascension, Audvantgardener, Blemishes of Love, Solitaire, Morning Glory and Veils of Carnality. Check out the screenshots below and view the full issue here.

S/tick Magazine Features Vakseen Art

Much love to Canada-based literary art magazine S/tick for featuring 3 of my paintings in their newest magazine issue. S/tick is a politically-aware women’s and feminist journal so they featured my Chic City, Morning Glory & Solitaire paintings, which all evolve around women. They also featured my art on their blog in December so this is definitely a huge blessing. Much love to the editors Ada and Sarah-Jean! Check out the screenshots below and download Issue […]

LA Weekly Features Vakseen Art

Much love to LA Weekly for featuring my art on their website. The footage is from November’s Hollywood RAWards and features my Hypnotized, Solitaire, Morning Glory, Dizzy, Primitive Lust, Blemishes of Love and Audvantgardener paintings. Shout out to Lina Lecaro for the images! Click the screenshot below to view the feature on their website.

BRICKrhetoric Features "Morning Glory" Painting

Much love to Chicago-based literary arts magazine, BRICKrhetoric, for featuring my Morning Glory painting in the newest issue! Not to mention, it’s the only painting featured in the issue. This also marks my 12th magazine feature of 2012 so I’m definitely excited to end 2012 on a high note. Check out the screenshot and download the full issue below. http://brickrhetoric.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/issue-ten-i-december-15-2012.pdf  

S/tick Features 3 Vakseen Paintings

Much love to, Canada-based literary magazine, S/tick for featuring my Solitaire, Chic City and Morning Glory paintings on their blog. I’ll also have a feature in S/tick’s Spring 2013 issue so keep your eyes open. Check out the feature here and the screenshot below.

DéJonDé Magazine Features Vakseen x 7 Paintings

Major shout out to DéJonDé Magazine for featuring me, along with 7 of my paintings (Solitaire, Dizzy, Primitive Lust, Morning Glory, Chic City and Ascension) on the front page of their blog! Check out the screenshot below and click here to view the full post.