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13 Merch Table Musts for Bands

Whether you’re doing a regional tour of 600-seater halls or playing monthly at a local coffee shop, your merch booth probably isn’t the first thing on your mind when you arrive at the venue. You’re worried about attendance. You’re thinking about tweaks to the set list. You’re introducing yourself to the sound engineer, booker, bouncer, bartender, or barista. You’re hoping you’ll have digested your dinner by the downbeat, or else you’ll […]

The Ultimate Guide to Band Merchandise

These days, merchandise sales make up a pretty big portion of most touring acts’ income. The staples of CD’s, shirts, and stickers have become even more important as income from performing has gradually dropped. There are many tips out there of what bands should order and how they should sell their products, but there doesn’t seem to be much on how to get the best possible pricing from vendors, how to […]

Helpful Tips For Selling More Merchandise

Selling merchandise is one of the best ways for generating income for your band, and as a matter of fact, it may be the only source of income that you as an artist can make that you can easily control. If you are a touring act, selling merch is often times your livelihood, providing money for food, and gas to get to the next gig. Following these easy tips will […]

The 20 Most Profitable Pieces of Merch

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the twenty most profitable merchandising items – pound for pound – based on average costs and expected retail price tags. The data comes from top merchandising provider Jakprints, which compiled and averaged the data from multiple band and retail sites. Here’s a top-level look based on profit margins, specifically expressed as how much larger the retail price is than the cost. And, here’s the more detailed […]